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Year of birth (YYYY) 1976
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Industry Informatics e Telecommunications
Occupation area IT/ Internet
Base interests Traveling, Internet, Social Networking, Fashion
Favorite sport Swimming, Bicycling, Rugby
Interests Brand 2.0, Innovation, Location Based Services, Marketing 2.0, Mobile 2.0, R&D, Social Computing, Social Media Marketing, Social Networking, Social Technology, Social Web, TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION FOR BUSINESS, Web 2.0, Communication 2.0
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  • Co-founder & VP of Business Club 2.0 MilanIN;
  • Co-founder & EVP of National Federation of Social Business Networking ClubIN;
  • Experienced Business/ Systems Analyst , R&D Manager on Social Computing projects (Web 2.0, Mobile 2.0). Social Technology Researcher and Evangelist.

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I come originally from the Republic of Belarus (ex-USSR). Today I live in Milan/Italy and work in TLC/ high-tech sector. I dedicate most of my free-time to Milan-IN Business Club 2.0 project, and some other exciting Open Social Web, Open-Source, Social Computing and Social Networking Projects.

My professional info:

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My Social projects:

I am the big supprter and fan for everything that's about Social Networking and Social Computing- all things that can be classified as Social Communication 2.0, which the new concepts to put together Technology and Social (on-line) Communities. And my true passion Web 2.0 and from here Social Media Marketing (Marketing 2.0).

  • I truly believe that technology must serve to PEOPLE, be OPEN and SOCIAL. The time of "cool technical features" is up, the term "Networking" has another meaning today- its Social Networking, it's about People and Communities, not anymore about the hosts and applications talking to each other via some protocols :)
  • Computers and Networks must be social and the "basic services" must be FREE! I'll personally do everything possible to make it happen.


You may want to read more about it so welcome to my Blog.

My Milan-IN role:
I am so-founder & VP  and  then Web 2.0 Manager. Milan-IN is the Leading Italian Business Networking Club 2.0 also known as LinkedIn Italia OFFICIAL supporter CLUB.

I also take part in the work of Marketing Team of Milan-IN.

Our official Group on Linkedin is:

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Something else about myself can be read on my Personal PAGE, also you may want to learn my mind by reading my BLOG. And of course lots more info about myself could be found in my profile on Spock (plz vote my tags if you know me).

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Home telephone TO CONTACT: Italy +390245074768(phone), +391782765968(fax); UK +441614210252(phone)
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Your Business Club Milan IN Weblog Title For a better World! The life of a Social Technology Evangelist
Your Business Club Milan IN Weblog Description Andrey Golub's Blog about Milan-IN, Social Networking, Business Networking, Social Computing and not only
Likes Internet, Linux, Milan city, Mobile Communication, Open Source, Open Standards, Social Web, Traveling, Wireless Communication, blood-donor, cats, evangelist, family, friends, honesty, sports, support the "right" ideas, working hard, Italy
Dislikes dogs, dummy people, fast food, smoking, smoking people, talk shows, waste of time, wasting time, Windows Vista
Occupation R&D Consultant @Social Computing: Web 2.0, Mobile 2.0.
Industry IT/ TLC/ Internet
Company / Institution available
Job Title R&D Consultant @Social Computing
Job Description Web 2.0, Mobile 2.0, Telecommunications
Level of Education MSc, PhD
High School Polytechnical Liceum
University / College State Technical University of Minsk Belarus
Degree MSc in Applied Mathematics; PhD in Systems Analysis
Main Skills CMS, CRM, Community collaboration platforms, ERP, IPTV, IT, IT R&D, Internet, Knowledge Management, Outsourcing, Process Improvement, Project Manager, Requirements Engineering, SEO, SQL, Social Computing, Social Networking, Software Engineering, Software Engineering Manager, Systems Analyst, Team Leader, Telco Billing and Provisioning, UML, VoIP, Web, Web 2.0, Web Portals, XML, eXtreme Programming, Business Analyst

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