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June 2008

June 01, 2008


Looking for a complete list of Business Schools in the world? 2500+ would be enough?

Looking for a list of 2500+ Business Schools worldwide?

Look at this Array with 2550 items ready for your web site:

var schools = new Array(2551);

schools[0] = "";

schools[1] = "A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management - University of California, Riverside";


schools[2548] = "York College of Pennsylvania";

schools[2549] = "Youngstown State University";

schools[2550] = "Zicklin School of Business - Baruch College";


take the complete file here: business-school-complete-list.txt

Keywords: business school, list of business school

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Updated the "Publications" ("Parlano di noi") page on

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June 02, 2008


Girl Geek Dinners Italia- tra poco il quarto appuntamento! (20 Giugno)

Girl Geek Dinners Italia

L'altra volta al GGD#3 non mi hanno voluto :), ma c'ero al GGD#2. Credo di esserci presente anche la prossima volta-

Keywords: GGD4, girlgeekdinnersitalia, girlgeekdinnersitalia4, Girl Geek Dinners Italia

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Echoes of Microsoft: the HELL is coming?

although the most analysts clearly understand there is nothing new in the "idea of Microsoft",

  • to integrate the functions of mobile phones and email into a single system that enables people to contact to one another based on name rather than email or phone number.

and states it clearly today-

  • There are other solutions that already have this sort of functionality going, so Microsoft isn't bringing anything new to the party other than tying in Microsoft products.

however we know Microsoft is a Mad Power (read Evil) in brain-programming, even if it's not able delivering free of bugs software, so try to imagine THE HELL that's coming if this will be realized by M$-

Echoes is supposedly a services platform for telecom carriers that combines Microsoft Live Messenger along with syncing of people's address books and presence.  The first phase roll out this summer would be a platform to sync contacts from Messenger with a user's mobile phone address book. Users would basically get an overlay/map of Messenger users to phone numbers and be able to SMS text or voice call to synched contacts without having to type a number or email address.

Oh my God! I'll immediatelly change my Telco if it's selecting M$  as magic platform supplier ;)

Microsoft Buzz: 'Echoes' Unified Communications Platform for Telecom Carriers Coming This Summer


Keywords: Echoes, Unified Communications Platform, Microsoft

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June 03, 2008


CAGLIARI IN - social business network. adesso anche con un Blog!

CAGLIARI IN - social business network

il BLOG di Cagliari-IN Business Club:

Keywords: business club 2.0, business networking, club-in, milan-in, social networking, cagliari in

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Privacy violation on Social Business Networks: my public feed of LinkedIn

My PUBLIC feed on LinkedIn (Network Updates feature) contains the Events of my contacts- isn't it THEIR privacy violation?

I wander if you already use the new "cool feature" of LinkedIn platform- My Network Updates?

It gives you a possibility to generate a public RSS feed from all your Network Events! Really cool? But take a better look at it- under the Networking Updates, LinkedIn means the updates from your CONTACTS, not YOUR Events!

  • It seems to me an absolutely mistaken stuff!
  • Usually on Social Networks users have the two different kind of feeds- one about updates FROM ME, to publish it anywhere via RSS (for my friends and for the whole web), and updates FOR ME from my Network, to know what's happening inside my Network and to keep in touch with my network nodes' activities.


here is how my PUBLIC feed looks like- it's all about my life 2.0, for my friends/ contacts:

But here we're talkin about different things- my Network Updates for me!

For example, my Linkedin Network contents is protected/HIDDEN even from my DIRECT contacts, 'coz several my high-level VIP connections have a strong privacy concern! So I decided to hide my Network nodes one from another- I CARE about their privacy! At the same time LinkedIn allows me to publish ON THE WEB a feed containing EVERYTHING that happens INSIDE my network, all stuff about those people that don't want to be even visible to my other direct connections on LinkedIn! Can you believe that? :(

  • I think it's something 100% in conflict with the idea of privacy on social networks!
  • I am convinced that the Networking Events from my contacts must remain INSIDE the Network: I trust that Network, I put my contacts and personal data there- so I want it to remain there INSIDE!
  • I am absolutely favorable to publish MY personal Events on LinkedIn to where I decide since it's MY decision.

As it has been implemented by LinkedIn (maybe their Team's missing a Web 2.0/Social Media experts to know the rules of Web 2.0 game?!),  that means for me on example, that ANYONE in my Network will be able to publish ANYWHERE on public Web (via RSS) a feed that will include also MY PERSONAL events on LinkedIn!

Try to generate your Network Updates feed- It will look like (all names censored):

  • Mr. X recommends colleague Mr. Y (POSITION) TEXT OF ENDORSEMENT
  • Mr. Z has joined GROUP NAME
  • Mr. W is now connected to Mr. V (Mr. V'S POSITION)
  • Mr. Y is now connected to Mr. S (Mr. S'S POSITION)
  • ...

isn't it genius? And let's look at it from another side-

  • was I asked by MY CONTACTS about a permission to include MY PERSONAL stuff (Events) on Linkedin to THEIR public feeds?!

Or nobody asked me? Or any my LinkedIn contact can just generate a feed in one click and it's done- so the whole Web can see now MY PERSONAL STUFF! That's crazy for sure!

LinkedIn's explanations are (

  • The Network Updates feed publishes your personal Network Updates in RSS format 
    • my comment is: My "Network Updates" are for me/ personal, but those include the others' stuff and if this can be published to somewhere else... we have... a privacy violation!
  • Important note about web-based feed readers: Some web-based feed readers publish your feed URLs on the web, making them available to search engines and everyone else. You should not subscribe to LinkedIn’s Personal feeds with a web-based feed reader unless it guarantees that your feeds are kept private.

    • OMG- Are you serious?! is it just enough from the point of view of LinkedIn to say to the people, probably spammers/ abusers, "don't behave bad" and so they all will all become angels?! This makes me smiling, but then crying- will ANYONE in my Network able to publish all that happens WITH ME on LinkedIn to anywhere on the OPEN web, w/o having asked me if I allow to my contacts to do thay?


God blesses LinkedIn and Web 2.0!

  • So what sense does it make now to have CLOSED Networks (like Business Networks), if all the stuff then goes published to the OPEN Web by a wish of anyone?

here is the result- in an external Feed Reader (no authorization, etc):

Keywords: RSS,, network updates, personal feed, privacy violation, social networking, social networks, linkedin

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June 05, 2008


McKinsey research on Web 2.0 technologies

via Alessandro Santo

a new McKinsey research effort about economic conditions and Web 2.0 technologies.

The survey will explore:

  • How companies use Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, prediction markets, tagging, and wikis for internal and external purposes
  • How companies integrate Web 2.0 technologies into their culture and the barriers they face as they broaden use 
  • How executives assess the impact of Web 2.0 technologies on their companies

To thank you for participating, we will send you the survey results free of charge and in advance of their public release. In addition, after completing the survey, you will immediately gain access to the premium McKinsey Quarterly article “Eight business technology trends to watch.”

To have your views included, please complete the brief survey before Tuesday, June 17. Begin by going to:

Josselyn Simpson
Survey Editor, The McKinsey Quarterly

PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY: This research is being conducted by KS&R, a leading market research firm, on behalf of The McKinsey Quarterly. If you agree to participate, your identity and responses will remain confidential. You will not be approached for sales purposes, nor will your name be added to other e-mail lists. We want only your feedback and opinions.


Keywords: , Alessandro Santo, Josselyn Simpson, McKinsey, McKinsey Quarterly, Web 2.0, blogs, prediction markets, tagging, wikis

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[Halldis/Windows on Europe, 12/ 06/ 2008]: Invito Open Day di presentazione del nuovo Residence Biondelli a Milano


Gentile Socio Milan-IN,

Windows on Europe S.p.A, è lieta di invitarla all'open day di presentazione del nuovo Residence Biondelli, Milano:

Giorno: 12 giugno 2008 dalle ore 13:00 alle 21:00
Luogo: via Biondelli 7 a Milano

Un percorso tematico che si snoderà per le stanze degli appartamenti del residence le permetterà di conoscere l'innovativa proposta di “affitto servito” e tutte le altre attività che il Gruppo svolge attraverso le sue società:

* Affitto e gestione appartamenti per manager e turisti
* Affitto e gestione appartamenti e ville di lusso
* Locazione uffici serviti
* Formule innovative di investimento immobiliare

R.S.V.P. entro il 6 giugno, inviando una risposta a: paola.luce @

Keywords: halldis, windows on Europe, Residence Biondelli

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Organizations - Clubs & Societies

Keywords: Business Club 2.0, Business Networking, Club-IN, Milan-IN, Social Networking, CAGLIARI IN

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June 06, 2008


La Tua Domanda direttamente a Philip Kotler?

Durante l’evento del 17 giugno Il Marketing del 3° Millennio – Riflessioni con Philip Kotler, daremo la possibilità a tre persone di fare una domanda direttamente a Philip Kotler.


Sul blog di Marketing Reloaded puoi trovare le regole del "concorso"!

via Andrea Boaretto

Keywords: Marketing Reloaded, Philip Kotler, Andrea Boaretto

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if you can't beat them- COLLABORATE: and Yahoo! becomes... the Facebook for Web Search!

It's really great the idea to "power" the classical Search Engines by those "Niche Search Engine" or "Search Engines 2.0"!

We expected this to happen... and it has happened!

  • if you can't beat them- COLLABORATE: Bravo Yahoo!- search 2.0 innovator!

Reading today the fresh announcement by Yahoo!

The Yahoo! Search Gallery is Open for Business

and trying immediately on myself the LinkedIn enhancement/ search plug-in, installed from the Yahoo! Search Gallery:


There is only one strange thing: why "United States" if I live in Italy and my profile is filled correctly? is this a prediction for the future? :lol: 

  • Industry: Internet | United States 

I am not sure who should I ask for "bug fixing"- LinkedIn o Yahoo! :)

Keywords: facebook, linkedin, niche search engine, open social web, search engine, search engine 2.0, web search, Yahoo!

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Invito ad evento presentazione della Ricerca dell'Osservatorio Mobile Content

Siamo lieti di invitarLa al Convegno conclusivo dell’Osservatorio della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano

"Mobile Content"

che si terrà

Giovedì 26 Giugno 2008

Occasione del Convegno è la presentazione dei risultati della nuova edizione della Ricerca dell’Osservatorio, basata su interviste dirette a oltre 100 aziende operanti in questo ambito, che si è occupata - come ogni anno - di valutare quantitativamente le dinamiche del mercato dei Mobile Content, di comprendere le strategie dei diversi attori operanti nella filiera italiana e di tratteggiare i principali scenari evolutivi del mercato.

La presentazione dei risultati sarà seguita da alcune autorevoli Tavole Rotonde che coinvolgeranno i Top Manager dei principali Player della filiera.

Il Convegno si terrà Giovedì 26 Giugno 2008, dalle ore 9.30 alle ore 18.00, all’interno del Wireless4Business Forum presso FieraMilanoCity - Milano Convention Centre - via Gattamelata 5.

Al termine del Convegno verrà distribuito ai partecipanti il Rapporto contenente i risultati principali della Ricerca.

Seguirà a breve il programma completo del Convegno.

La partecipazione è gratuita, previa iscrizione cliccando qui.

Wireless4Business Forum è il primo Evento dedicato a tutte le soluzioni Mobile & Wireless a supporto del Business. Per maggiori informazioni sul Wireless4Business Forum e per l’iscrizione ai Convegni di proprio interesse, visitare il sito

Ci siamo permessi di invitarLa a questo Evento in quanto riteniamo si possa trattare di un Convegno di Suo interesse.

Distinti saluti, Laura Cavallaro

Osservatori ICT & Management
School of Management - Politecnico di Milano
Via Garofalo 39, 20133 Milano

Keywords: Laura Cavallaro, Laura Lodigiani, Marta Valsecchi, Osservatorio, Politecnico di Milano, School of Management, Wireless4Business Forum, Mobile Content

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June 07, 2008


Convegno internazionale Innovazione tecnologica in editoria: Editech 2008- Milano, 27 giugno

Editech Editoria e innovazione tecnologica, Milano, 27 giugno

Associazione italiana Editori, in collaborazione con Siemens, Adobe, Open text, Xerox e Telecom Italia, PRESENT:

Una giornata di aggiornamento internazionale sull'Innovazione tecnologica in editoria.

Convegno internazionale per capire le tendenze in atto e le prospettive di sviluppo nell'ambito dell'innovazione tecnologica in editoria. Maggiori informazioni e il programma sono disponibili sul sito

La partecipazione è gratuita occorre però registrarsi sul sito stesso.

via Cristina Mussinelli


Keywords: Cristina Mussinelli, Editech, Editech 2008, Innovazione tecnologica, editoria, Convegno internazionale

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June 09, 2008


Un nuovo articolo di MilanIN, LinkedIn e Business Networking in Italia, su IL MONDO. Bello, ma...

Niente, oggi e' uscito un altro articolo su di noi  (LinkedIn, MilanIN,

Business Networking 2.0) su IL MONDO, dopo tutto lo spazio che ci aveva gia' dedicata  la "stampa 1.0" e che ringraziamo molto!


Il articolo si chiama-

Manager, cresce il Club su LinkedIn.

SOCIAL NETWORK: L'analisi di sec sui professionisti Italiani 

che dice proprio questo:

Cliccate sull'immagina per scaricare il PDF completo della pagina, ma lo sconsiglio sinceramente (e' la mia opinione PERSONALE). Vi dico solo una cosa- non mi e' mai capitato leggere un articolo cosi' poco allineato con la realta'... ehehe, ma il giornalismo 1.0- dove sta andando?! pubblicare i dati cosi' errati senza verificare una cifra o collegarsi al sito? :(

P.S. "ringraziamo" anche la SEC per i dati fornito al giornalista :(

Keywords: Il Mondo, business club 2.0, business networking, giornalismo 1.0, linkedin, milanin, social networking, stampa 1.0, web 2.0, SEC

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June 10, 2008


Geek Girl Dinner #4 (GGD4): Apertura Iscrizioni OGGI, 10 Giugno.For Girl only

Apertura Iscrizioni GGD4: Girl Geek


Questo è il link al modulo d’iscrizione. È valido solo per le Girl Geek! Il modulo per i Guy sarà disponibile presto. 

Keywords: GGD4, Geek Girl Dinner, Hi-tech, Milano, geek girls, girlgeekdinnersitalia4, ingegneria, tecnologia, web 2.0, femminile

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June 11, 2008


Let’s tour together? let's Course web 2.0? a Luglio!


Let’s tour è un evento completamente gratuito che si svolgerà nelle maggiori città italiane durante il mese di luglio.

Docenti esperti e certificati nei rispettivi ambiti operativi ti guideranno in un percorso didattico snello e mirato, incentrato sulle tecnologie per il web 2.0, con passione, pazienza e soprattutto in maniera pratica.

Secondo la nostra pluriennale esperienza di formatori itineranti gli argomenti di taglio tecnico e verticale ci sono sempre sembrati troppo monografici e generalmente slegati da reali contesti cross- mediali.

A livello pratico invece i progetti più ambiziosi non possono prescindere da una buona consapevolezza delle tecnologie che vengono impiegate, soprattutto in colui che svolge mansioni specifiche e che spesso ignora diverse problematiche precedenti e successive al suo intervento.  

Let's Tour vuole invertire questa generica tendenza con una miniserie di incontri didattici dai contenuti trasversali, che intrecciano costruttivamente ambiti operativi diversi come la grafica , la programmazione e la multimedialità , per la realizzazione di un interessante progetto professionale. 

Iscriviti in una delle 5 tappe a Milano, Torino, Verona, Firenze o Padova!

per maggiori informazioni sul programma dell'evento e per iscriverti, visita il sito oppure scrivi a Info @

Vi aspettiamo!

Let's course - Via Croce Rossa, 112 - Padova 

Keywords: , Photoshop, Adobe AIR, Flash Lite, Illustrator, Luca Mezzalira, PHP, Thomas Baggio, Tiziano Fruet, XML, web 2.0, Let’s tour

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Inside Mobile and Wireless: iPhone 2.0, Apple iPhone 3G – Beginning of a Wireless Services Platform

Received via e-mail from J. Gerry Purdy, VP & Chief Analyst of Frost & Sullivan



Apple iPhone 3G – Beginning of a Wireless Services Platform

Special Edition
June 2008

Yesterday, Apple announced their long anticipated iPhone 3G that will be available to customers on July 11. What’s most interesting to me is what Apple didn’t do from a device perspective and what they did do from a services perspective. Here’s why.

In my Inside Mobile column last fall, I pointed out that full GPS should be added when Apple upgraded to 3G, and that’s now been done. The 3G chipset supports much faster data communications using HSDPA technology that will provide up to 1.4M bps download speeds – or about the speed of a DSL or cable modem. That’s great, and it was expected at a minimum.

What Apple didn’t do is make some real improvements to the iPhone like adding broadcast video (AT&T has adopted MediaFLO) or offer a new model with a built-in keyboard that perhaps was hidden until needed by those who do a lot of keyboard entry within text messaging and email. We hope to see more models with some innovative features over the coming year.

Apple has agreed to a major change in the business model with AT&T Wireless: the iPhone will be sold using a standard subsidy arrangement that reduces the price of the product to $199 (8GB) and $299 (16GB). That removes Apple from getting part of the recurring revenue from AT&T Wireless which was one of the cornerstones of the original business model. But it also allows Apple to generate more margin dollars from iPhone sales than before. While Apple doesn’t share in the monthly fees, it does get more customers to consider getting an iPhone since the price to the customer (due to capital cost buy down by AT&T Wireless) is half what it was before. I still wish that Apple had entered into a shorter exclusive term with AT&T so Apple could now be announcing versions if the iPhone for Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile (although it’s rather simple to alter a current iPhone to run on the T-Mobile network).

I believe that the biggest news about the iPhone 3G is Apple creating their own recurring revenue stream with this announcement of the App Store and MobileMe. With the launch of the iPhone App Store, Apple allows software companies around the world to develop applications that are then provided in the App Store in a variety of categories including business, games, health, news, reference, sports and travel. Users pay the price (could be free) and download the application that they run on the iPhone (as well as the iPod touch). Apple acts as a censor and has to approve all applications in the App Store, but I expect to see thousands of applications in the App Store when it goes live. Some of the applications in the App Store will operate more as services (like location based services) and, hence, Apple will share in the recurring revenue.

The iPhone 3G includes Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync so that out of the box, users who work for a company that uses Microsoft Exchange will be able to get their email, contacts and calendar automatically synced with their iPhone 2.0.

What about everyone else? Well, Apple has created MobileMe which includes auto push/sync Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery (for viewing and sharing photos) and iDisk (for storing and exchanging documents). MobileMe will allow Apple to compete with Kodak (KodakGallery), HP (SnapFish) and other similar services for online photo management (store, share & print). MobileMe allows users to download print quality images (something other online services don’t provide), contribute photos to an album and then rearrange, rotate and title photos.

MobileMe iDisk also lets users store and manage files online which makes it easy to share documents too large to email. MobileMe includes 20GB of storage for $99 with 20GB more for $49. MobileMe is not competitive with online backup so don’t use it for that. It’s much more expensive than online backup systems.

An important feature of MobileMe is built-in sync with (non-Exchange) Outlook which is used by over 150 million people. Outlook users can sync their personal Outlook mail, calendar and contacts with MobileMe which then will sync over the air with the user’s iPhone. Sync of mail, contacts and calendar no longer is restricted the iPhone sync cable and provides a continuous update experience whether accessing your mail, calendar and contact data via your PC, online via MobileMe (using a Web browser) or via your iPhone.

Overall, this is more of a services announcement for Apple than a hardware product announcement. I look forward to trying out the App Store, using location based services that benefit from the GPS chipset, seeing faster download of web pages and trying out MobileMe.

The Apple iPhone 3G, App Store and MobileMe should help other firms like Nokia (Ovi services platform), RIM (BlackBerry platform), Microsoft (Windows Mobile platform), Symbian and Google (upcoming Android/OHA platform) step up and offer similar great wireless services.

Written by:

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D.
VP & Chief Analyst
Mobile & Wireless
Frost & Sullivan

Keywords: 3G, App Store, Apple, BlackBerry, Frost & Sullivan, Gerry Purdy, Google, HSDPA, Inside Mobile and Wireless, Mobile & Wireless, MobileMe, Nokia, Symbian, T-Mobile, Verizon, Windows Mobile, Wireless Services Platform, iPhone, iPhone 2.0, mobile 2.0, AT&T Wireless

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June 12, 2008


Happy Birthday MilanIn PARTY- giovedi' 3 luglio 2008!


Happy Birthday MilanIn, e tre.

"Il Business Social Network torna a vestirsi a festa per festeggiare i suoi tre anni di attivita'"


L'anno scorso scrivevamo "..due anni di network e oltre 1000 soci.".
Prossimi a festeggiare il terzo compleanno, siamo oltre 4700 soci e sulle spalle, orgogliosi, portiamo importanti risultati e obiettivi raggiunti.

giovedi' 3 luglio 2008 presso il LIGHT in Via Maroncelli, 8 angolo Tito Speri a Milano, a partire dalle ore 20.30h. vogliamo festeggiare tutti insieme in una serata durante la quale oltre a fare business networking ci divertiremo pasteggiando e sorseggiando vino.

Aiutaci ad ottimizzare il nostro lavoro. Conferma la tua partecipazione con una email a Silvia Lenich entro lunedi' 30 giugno, a silvia.lenich (AT) Il costo della partecipazione sara' di 50 euro. Sara' anche possibile Lunedi' 16 giugno, in occasione del "Presenta Te Stesso", raccoglierere le conferme di partecipazione. Silvia Lenich sara' a Vs disposizione per registrarvi e anticipare la quota.

Porta chi vuoi! La serata e' aperta anche agli amici e ai conoscenti. Ogni tuo amico e' anche un nostro amico.

Happy Birthday MilanIn!

Keywords: Happy Birthday MilanIn, Milan-IN

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Andrea Genovese al Milan-IN, 16 Giugno!

È possibile essere ingegnere, direttore di una testata, proprietario di un’agenzia di comunicazione e blogger?

Ne discutiamo con Andrea Genovese .

Andrea è anche esperto di nuovi media, di tecnologia, di design, insegnante e giornalista. E meno male che non ho informazioni sulla sua vita privata, altrimenti l’elenco non avrebbe fine.

Già proprietario dal 1999 di Map Srl, un’agenzia di comunicazione che opera su new media e comunicazione cross-media per le imprese, nel 2006 fonda 7thfloor, la prima free press italiana che si occupa di business e d’impresa e che lo fa guardando sempre all’innovazione, alla creatività e all’informazione. Un progetto nato come esperienza editoriale di Map, ma che è diventato ben presto molto di più, stravolgendo la vita di Andrea e di tantissimi collaboratori di ogni sorta, attratti dall’entusiasmo e dall’energia del direttore della testata. Basta sentirlo parlare o leggere le sue parole per avvertire la grande voglia di fare e la strabiliante forza creativa che stanno dietro a 7thfloor. 

“Il mio pensiero era proporre un punto di vista alternativo, uno spazio risonante, libero, intimo, collettivo, autentico, provocatorio. Un punto di vista dove lanciare stimoli, ascoltare storie e trovare ispirazione, discutere di civiltà e immaginare il futuro, con gusto narrativo e attenzione estetica.”

Non vi è venuta voglia di saper scrivere e magari di far parte della redazione di 7thfloor?

Ma quel vulcano di Andrea non si è certo fermato qui. Basti pensare al progetto di CoWorking a cui ha dato il via a Roma, un contesto estremamente creativo costituito da persone che lavorano insieme in un unico spazio formato da veri e propri appartamenti, liberi professionisti che interagiscono e che passano il proprio tempo insieme.

Questo è solo un esempio, ma sono sicura che, mentre io scrivo, Andrea stia già realizzando mille altri progetti.
Visto che non riesco più a stargli dietro, passo la palla a lui, che lunedì 16 giugno al Pacino Café, al numero 9 di piazzale Bacone, ci racconterà di sé e dell’ambizione innovativa che anima la sua vita.

Copy Cristina D’Anna

Seguirà poi un breve dibattito sui temi proposti.
Attiva il tuo cellulare! Durante la serata potrai acquisire sul tuo cellulare, via bluetooth, contenuti multimediali riguardanti il nostro ospite.
Ti aspettiamo alle 20.30 presso la Sala Party del Pacino Cafè in Milano, Piazzale Bacone n.9.
Porta chi vuoi! La serata è aperta anche agli amici e ai conoscenti. Ogni tuo amico è anche un nostro amico. Il numero dei partecipanti è limitato, è perciò necessario confermare la propria presenza inviando, entro le ore 13 di lunedì, una mail all'indirizzo eventi AT, specificando il tuo nome e cognome e quello dei tuoi ospiti.

Durante la serata potranno essere scattate foto e effettuate riprese video: l'iscrizione costituisce liberatoria implicita al loro utilizzo da parte di MilanIn. Se non desideri essere ripreso informaci nella tua mail di conferma.

La serata non avrà alcun costo tranne quello della prima consumazione obbligatoria (12 EURO di cui 10 euro andranno interamente al locale che ci ospita, la restante parte al Club).

Keywords: Andrea Genovese, CoWorking, free press, 7thfloor

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June 13, 2008


Diritto 2.0 Blog- Notizie, idee e commenti dal mondo del diritto delle nuove tecnologie

Diritto 2.0

E' un Blog. ma che Blog!!

Notizie, idee e commenti dal mondo del diritto delle nuove tecnologie

di Ernesto Belisario

Keywords: Ernesto Belisario, blog, new technology, web 2.0, Diritto 2.0

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June 15, 2008


Ricerca di partecipanti per un test- la definizione del futuro della telefonia!

Cari amici,
Avete tra i 18 e i 34 anni e avete un cellulare Sony-Ericsson o un Nokia? Fate potenzialmente parte del panel di tester che stiamo attualmente cercando! Il test si svolge il 24 e 25 Giugno a Milano, dura meno di 2 ore ed é prevista una piccola remunerazione.
  • Se avete voglia di partecipare alla definizione del futuro della telefonia, contattate il nostro partner milanese per saperne di più (, o telefonate chiedendo di Roberto al numero 02-67 02 408), validare la vostra candidatura e prendere appuntamento coi nostri esperti.

Non esitate inoltre a trasferire questo messaggio a amici e colleghi che potrebbero essere interessati. 

A presto!
LudoTIC Italia

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[Milano, 25 Giugno 2008] Mobile Marketing & Service: un nuovo paradigma nella gestione multicanale del cliente

Mobile Marketing & Service

un nuovo paradigma nella gestione multicanale del cliente

Mercoledì 25 Giugno 2008, ore 15.15, FieraMilanoCity, Sala Blu 1

Milano Convention Centre, Via Gattamelata 5, Milano

La multicanalità sta diventando un nuovo paradigma di gestione della relazione con il consumatore, e il telefono cellulare si trasforma in un potente strumento a supporto del Mobile Marketing e del Mobile Service Management.

Il Convegno si pone l’obiettivo di approfondire questo tema analizzando i principali strumenti di Mobile Marketing e di Mobile Service Management, delineando i benefici che questi strumenti possono apportare al business e sintetizzando quello che sta accadendo in Italia, con uno sguardo aperto anche sulle migliori esperienze internazionali.

Le opportunità offerte dagli strumenti di Mobile Marketing e Mobile Service Management verranno evidenziate anche attraverso la condivisione di alcune tra le più significative esperienze italiane.

Il Convegno si colloca all’interno del Wireless4Business Forum, il primo Evento su tutte le opportunità strategiche delle soluzioni Mobile & Wireless a supporto del Business.

Il Convegno si terrà Mercoledì 25 Giugno 2008, dalle ore 15.30 alle ore 17.00, all’interno del Wireless4Business Forum, presso Sala Blu 1, FieraMilanoCity - Milano Convention Centre - Via Gattamelata, 5. In occasione dell’Evento sarà a disposizione dei partecipanti il parcheggio ATM di piazza Carlo Magno a pagamento; per raggiungere FieraMilanoCity le fermate della metropolitana più vicine sono Amendola FieraMilanoCity e Lotto FieraMilanoCity sulla linea 1 (rossa).

Il Convegno è organizzato con il patrocinio di Interactive Advertising Bureau Italia (IAB Italia) e con il supporto di Acube Lab, Beeweeb, Mobyt, Quinary, Reitek.

La partecipazione è gratuita, previa iscrizione al sito

Programma (per scaricare la brochure completa clicchi qui)

Keywords: Beeweeb, FieraMilanoCity, IAB Italia, Interactive Advertising Bureau Italia, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Marketing & Service, Mobile Service Management, Mobyt, Quinary, Reitek, Wireless4Business Forum, Acube Lab

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[Milano 26.06.08] Le nuove reti: Dècina, Turani, Zamperini al primo Community Meeting de

Le Nuove Reti di Comunicazione per l’Innovazione dei Servizi

Il primo Community Meeting de
Maurizio Dècina, Giuseppe Turani e Marco Zamperini

Hotel Four Seasons,
26 giugno 2008

E' questo il titolo del Workshop organizzato da, che si terrà a Milano il prossimo 26 giugno presso l'Hotel Four Seasons.

Un appuntamento unico con due sessioni sequenziali dedicate rispettivamente a:

  • Le Nuove reti di Comunicazione
  • L'Innovazione dei Servizi per le Imprese e i Consumatori.

Tutto ciò che occorre ed è utile conoscere su NGN ed NGA, Wi-Max, HSPA e LTE:

  • Le evoluzioni delle reti fisse e mobili
  • Le soluzioni, i punti di vantaggio e le criticità
  • La riformulazione dell'ecosistema tecnologico di riferimento.

Con ospiti d'eccezione e un format inedito che consente approfondimento e interazione con la platea, studiato per soddisfare le esigenze di conoscenza di chi deve saperne di più per decidere meglio.

Un appuntamento esclusivo che ti offre una panoramica analitica e dettagliata delle tematiche relative alle nuove reti, che rappresenta un punto di incontro e di confronto per la community di settore e che proseguirà con un incontro conviviale.

9,00-9,30 - Registrazione e welcome coffee
9,30  -  Introduzione

Sandro Frova, Presidente de

9,40 – 11,40  - Prima sessione

Le Nuove Reti di Comunicazione
Maurizio Dècina introduce le nuove tecnologie:

  • Le reti in fibra ottica di nuova generazione: NGN, NGA
  • Le reti wireless di nuova generazione: WiMAX, HSPA e LTE
  • Le reti peer-to-peer di nuova generazione: Web 2.0, reti di sensori e muniwireless

11,40-12,00 - Coffee Break

12,00 - 13,30  -  Seconda sessione
L’Innovazione dei Servizi per le Imprese e i Consumatori

Giuseppe Turani (La Repubblica) intervista Maurizio Dècina e Marco Zamperini e coordina la discussione con i partecipanti.

13,30  -  Lunch

Per conoscere le modalità di partecipazione clicca qui.

Keywords: , Community Meeting, Giuseppe Turani, HSPA, LTE, Marco Zamperini, Maurizio Dècina, NGA, NGN, Web 2.0, WiMAX,

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June 17, 2008


[25/ 06/ 2008, Milano] Mobile Workspace: ridisegnare processi e organizzazione attorno ai nuovi Mobile Worker


Mobile Workspace:

ridisegnare processi e organizzazione attorno ai nuovi Mobile Worker

Mercoledì 25 Giugno 2008, ore 13.15, FieraMilanoCity, Sala Blu 2
Milano Convention Centre, Via Gattamelata 5, Milano

L’ICT costituisce oggi lo "spazio di lavoro virtuale" senza il quale non è possibile vivere e creare valore nell’organizzazione. Una percentuale sempre maggiore del tempo, tuttavia, viene speso dalle persone fuori dalla propria postazione di lavoro e spesso in situazioni di mobilità.

Obiettivo del Convegno è fare il punto sui nuovi trend e sulle prospettive nella progettazione di spazi di lavoro virtuali dedicati ai Mobile Worker, presentando esperienze significative e best practice, attraverso la cui analisi sarà possibile comprendere i benefici attuali e potenziali delle applicazioni Mobile & Wireless a supporto della mobilità professionale.

Il Convegno, che si colloca all’interno del Wireless4Business Forum, il primo Evento su tutte le opportunità strategiche delle soluzioni Mobile & Wireless a supporto del Business, si terrà Mercoledì 25 Giugno 2008, dalle ore 13.30 alle ore 15.00 presso Sala Blu 2, FieraMilanoCity - Milano Convention Centre - Via Gattamelata, 5.

Il Convegno è organizzato con il supporto di Aton, Blackberry, DS Group, Gulliver, Panasonic, Sybase, Zebra.

La partecipazione è gratuita, previa iscrizione al sito

In occasione dell’Evento sarà a disposizione dei partecipanti il parcheggio ATM di piazza Carlo Magno a pagamento; per raggiungere FieraMilanoCity le fermate della metropolitana più vicine sono Amendola FieraMilanoCity e Lotto FieraMilanoCity sulla linea 1 (rossa).

Programma (per scaricare la brochure completa clicchi qui)

Keywords: Blackberry, DS Group, Gulliver, Mobile & Wireless, Mobile Worker, Panasonic, Sybase, Wireless4Business Forum, Zebra, Aton

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June 18, 2008


Firefox 3: Godetevi una fantastica esperienza sul web!

Firefox 3: Un browser veramente completo!

Scaricate Firefox 3 ora e godetevi una maggiore sicurezza, una velocità sorprendente e nuove fantastiche funzionalità in grado di cambiare radicalmente la vostra esperienza di navigazione.

Download Day - Italian

Keywords: Firefox 3

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KPMG Study forecast: Mobile will lead digital content investment

Survey: Mobile will lead digital content investment

Venture Capitalists Expect Increased Investment in Content Creation for Digital Entertainment Sector, KPMG Study Finds


Venture capitalists forecast accelerated investment in digital content creation over the next two years, with increased M&A activity also expected over the coming year, according to a new survey released by audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG. After polling 300 venture capitalists, corporate execs and investment bankers, KPMG reports that 52 percent of respondents believe venture investment in online and mobile content creation will grow during the remainder of the decade; 25 percent of respondents believe investment will increase by more than 20 percent, with participants in the study split evenly on whether investment will support user-generated content or professional content providers.

Asked which sectors will experience the greatest investment boost, 31 percent of respondents cited mobile applications, 26 percent pointed to technology enablers and 20 percent named social media services. While 31 percent of respondents expect social networks will dominate mobile entertainment market revenue by 2009, gaming and music downloads each garnered 20 percent of the votes, followed by video (14 percent) and user-generated applications (10 percent). Among participants citing mobile social networking, 44 percent believe social media sites themselves will take the lead, with 22 percent pointing to content owners, 20 percent brand advertisers and 14 percent wireless operators. In addition, 90 percent of VCs believe mass adoption of mobile video will take place in the next five years, with 60 percent forecasting it will happen in the next three years.

For more on the KMPG study:
 - read this release

Keywords: Investments, KPMG, Mobile, Mobile 2.0, new technology, Digital Entertainment

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June 19, 2008


LinkedIn has raised additional funding, with Bain Capital Ventures!

Long life to LinkedIn-

Bain Capital Ventures Joins the LinkedIn Team


from Dan Nye
CEO, LinkedIn

  • Today I am happy to announce that LinkedIn has raised additional funding from our original investors and added another world-class investor to our team. Bain Capital Ventures joins our existing group of investors - Sequoia Capital, Greylock Partners, and Bessemer Ventures - and leads this round of investment at a total of $53 million.* (LinkedIn has previously raised $27 million). 


Watch Jeffrey Glass (Bain Capital Ventures), David Sze (Greylock Partners), David Cowan (Bessemer Ventures), and Mark Kvamme (Sequoia Capital) describe their reasons for investing in LinkedIn. Download high-res version of the video interview here.

Read more on LinkedIn Blog:

Keywords: Bain Capital Ventures, Dan Nye, David Cowan, David Sze, Greylock Partners, Jeffrey Glass, LinkedIn, Mark Kvamme, Sequoia Capital, VC,, Bessemer Ventures

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Ho cambiato lavoro, ma il TFR chi me lo paga?

Avevo scelto di lasciare il mio TFR al datore di lavoro: e' stata una scelta SBAGLIATA?

Ho cambiato lavoro tre mesi fa e ora aspetto il mio TFR, ma, per come stanno andando le cose, credo che aspettarò a lungo: l’azienda dove lavoravo non mi ha ancora pagato l’ultimo mese di stipendio (comprese le voci bilancio ferie e permessi non utilizzati). A quanto pare non sono neppure l’unico in questa situazione!

Ma partiamo dall’inizio: una delle possibilità riguardo il TFR è quella di lasciarlo in azienda per poterlo riscuotere a fine rapporto (inclusa la possibilità di chiedere anticipi sulla somma che si è già maturata). L’importo accantonato tutti gli anni viene rivalutato in base ai coefficienti ISTAT.

A questo punto, terminato il mio rapporto di lavoro io avrei voluto “RISCUOTERE” questa somma. Ma come fare se l’ex-datore di lavoro non è dello stesso avviso?

Ho letto ovunque per avere “maggiori informazioni”:

ma mi interessa piu' la parte "pratica"! :) Come posso procedere? Qualche suggerimento plz?

UPDATE: un amico mi scrive subito-

  • Lettera da avvocato con minaccia di istanza di fallimento perche'  il TFR e' una competenza cioe' un credito che non ha bisogno di riconoscimento legale. in bocca al lupo!

UPDATE 2: you will never believe me guys!

ho scritto ad, di cui sono socio (da sempre!) – anche se ho presente che non si occupano di queste problematiche – e mi hanno risposto velocemente.

WoW, grande! GRAZIE!

Tolgo le informazioni personali e lascio la traccia generale:

  •  Premesso che le problematiche relative ai rapporti tra lavoratore e datore di lavoro vanno al di là, in linea di massima, delle materie di cui ci occupiamo solitamente, che sono invece attinenti ai rapporti tra consumatori e fornitori di beni o servizi, riteniamo che sia Suo legittimo diritto pretendere la corresponsione quantomeno della retribuzione mensile. In difetto Lei potrà agire giudizialemte, con l'assistenza di un Suo legale di fiducia. Per quanto riguarda invece il pagamento della liquidazione i tempi possono effettivamente essere più lunghi. I CCNL di settore, infatti, di solito prevedono una tempistica di circa 60 gg. Sarà pertanto opportuno verificare sul Suo CCNL il termine entro il quale l'azienda dovrebbe consegarLe il prospetto della liquidazione e delle competenze di fine rapporto, oltre che ovviamente il relativo importo. Nel caso l'azienda non rispetto la suddetta tempistica, potrà anche in questo caso rivolgersi al Giudice del lavoro con l'assistenza di un Suo legale di fiducia.
    Data tuttavia anche la complessità del settore, per avere indicazioni più analitiche e per far verificare l'esattezza dei conteggi può essere  perciò opportuno rivolgersi a professionisti o enti che se ne occupano specificamente, come un consulente del lavoro, un avvocato specializzato in diritto del lavoro  oppure un sindacato.
    Ci auguriamo di poterLa annoverare ancora per lungo tempo tra i nostri soci e cogliamo l'occasione per porgerLe i più cordiali saluti.
    SERVIZIO  SOCI- Consulenza Giuridica
  • logo

UPDATE 3: Che dire- ho trovato (via questo Blog/ Business Networking) anche un avvocato che mi vuole aiutare!

  • Web 2.0 che funziona davvero? ;)

Keywords: Andrey Golub, ISTAT, TFR, altroconsumo,, cambio lavoro, Consulenza Giuridica

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Atti convegno Il Marketing del 3° Millennio - Riflessioni con Philip Kotler

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lunedì 30 giugno il primo incontro FlorenceIN!

I soci fondatori di FlorenceIN vi invitano al primo attesissimo incontro che si terrà a Firenze lunedì 30 giugno dalle 19.00 alle 20.30 presso l'enoteca *Per Bacco* (in Borgo Santi Apostoli 21/23r) che ci riserverà una saletta.

Laura De Benedetto, FlorenceIN Blog:

Keywords: Laura De Benedetto, FlorenceIN

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June 20, 2008


Girl GeeK Dinners Italia #4 - Milano, 20 giugno 2008: ci siamo!

Girl GeeK Dinners Italia #4 - Ci siamo!

eccoti un riassunto:

Quando: Venerdì 20 giugno 2008, Ingresso: ore 19.00 - 20.30
Dove: Popup Store 500, Via De Tocqueville 11, Milano
Cosa: Brindisi iniziale con il Prosecco di Valdobbiadene San Lorenzo
Aperitivo con buffet. A disposizione 2 drink (tutto free)
Tema della serata: Progetti futuri di mobilità e connessione
Parcheggio: Parcheggio Autoterminal (a pagamento, no convenzione)
Parcheggio Free:
Lungo tutto il cavalcavia non è a pagamento* (Mappa)
Metro: M L2 Garibaldi FS

* si vocifera siano apparse delle strisce gialle nelle ultime sere.

Se venite da fuori e volete fermarvi a dormire a Milano, qui c’è un elenco di B&B in zona.

Entrano solo le persone in lista!!!!!

Per altre informazioni dell'ultima ora, sottoscrivi il nostro feed!
A presto!

GGD Italia Team
Bruna, Lisa, Luigina, Sara M, Sara R, Susan


Keywords: Networking Event, geek girl, girlgeekdinnersitalia4, Girl Geek Dinners

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Mobile 2.0 Europe (Mobile Social Media Event) - Final Program Announced!

via Mobile 2.0 Europe on Facebook

Mobile 2.0 Europe - Final Program Announced!

The Mobile 2.0 Europe agenda is now finalised. We added a panel on Mobile Social Media, moderated by Peggy Anne Salz of MSearchGroove and introduced by Alistair Hill, of M:Metrics who will give us a market overview introduction on the current state of Mobile Social Media including lots of facts and figures.

On top of our impressive speaker list - yes, we’re proud of what we do here :) today we added Tommy Ahlers, CEO of ZYB and Doug Richards, CEO of Trutap and mixed them up with Charlie Schick of Nokia Conversations, Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO of (GoFresh) and Alex Romero, Director Partnerships, of Yahoo! Connected Life Europe, we had already in our program.

You can check the full list of speakers and bio’s here -

NOTE that Early-Bird tickets at € 99, Standard 1 tickets at € 149 and Standard 2 tickets at € 199 are now Sold out.

The last series of tickets (Standard 3) are available at € 299 (breakfast, lunch, coffee and networking cocktail included). All prices are VAT exclusive.

You can order your tickets online at Amiando Mobile 2.0 Europe -

Don’t wait last minute to order your ticket, we’re heading for a full house.



* 8:30 - 9:00 Registration & Breakfast
* 9:00 - 9:15 Introductions
* 9:15 - 9:30 Keynote
* Pekka Pohjakallio, Vice President, Suites Management and Marketing, Services and Software at Nokia
* 9:30 - 10:30 PANEL: Mobile Social Media
o Peggy Anne Salz, MSearchGroove (Moderator)
o Market Overview introduction by Alistair Hill, Analyst, M:Metrics
o Tommy Ahlers, CEO ZYB
o Charlie Schick, Editor-in-Chief for Nokia Conversations
o Doug Richards, CEO Trutap
o Antonio Vince Staybl, CEO (GoFresh)
o Alex Romero - Director Partnerships, Yahoo! Connected Life Europe

* 10:30 - 11:20 Seed Capital Start-up Sessions
* (announced the day of the event)
* 11:20 - 11:45 Coffee Break
* 11:45 - 12:30 PANEL: The VC Perspective
o Tony Fish, AMF Ventures (Moderator)
o Dr. Maximilian Niederhofer, Associate, Atlas Venture
o Inma Martinez, Investment and Innovation Executive, Stradbroke Advisors
o Anil Hansjee, Head of Corporate Development - EMEA, Google Inc.
o Patrick Raibaut, Partner, Debaeque Venture Capital

* 12:45 - 13:30 Pre Series A Start-up Sessions
o kooaba (Switzerland) - Mobile Image Search
o Mobiluck (France) - Mobile Location-based IM, Chat and Social Networking
o Secufone (Netherlands) - Mobility and Safety
o Unkasoft (Spain) - Mobile Advergaming
o ViiF (Germany) - Mobile Entertainment Community

* 13:30 - 14:30 Lunch


* 14:30 - 14:45 Welcome back

* 14:45 - 15:45 PANEL: The Operator Perspective
o Raimo van der Klein, SPRXmobile (Moderator)
o Martin Duval, CEO bluenove / Director of the Orange Start-Up Program
o Gian Paolo Balboni, Head of Innovation Trends Telecom Italia
o Unai Iturburu, Head of Vodafone Spain R&D
o Carlos Domingo, General Director of Telefonica R+D labs
o Anastassia Lauterbach, Executive Vice President for Strategy, T-Mobile International

* 15:45 - 16:30 Post Series A Start-up Sessions
o Futurlink (Spain) - Proximity Marketing
o Nimbuzz (Netherlands) - Mobile IM and Text Message Service
o Mippin (UK) - Mobilizing the Web
o Palringo (UK) - Vocal Instant Messaging
o Taptu (UK) - Mobile Social Search

* 16:30 - 17:00 Coffee Break

* 17:00 - 18:00 PANEL: Open Business Models
o Mike Butcher, TechCrunch UK & Ireland (Moderator)
o Chris Liu, Managing Director, Fjord
o Leif Fågelstedt, COO, Blyk
o Ilja Laurs, Founder & CEO of GetJar
o Ray Anderson, CEO and founder, Bango
o Laurence Aderemi, Business Development Director (EMEA), AdMob
* 18:00 - 18:15 Closing Remarks
* 18:15 - 19:30 Networking Cocktail

Keywords: , Alex Romero, Antonio Vince Staybl, Charlie Schick, Doug Richards, Mobile Social Media, Nokia Conversations, Tommy Ahlers, Trutap, Yahoo! Connected Life Europe, ZYB, Mobile 2.0 Europe

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Inside Mobile and Wireless: The Social Psychology of Wireless Messaging

Received via e-mail from J. Gerry Purdy, VP & Chief Analyst of Frost & Sullivan.

The Social Psychology of Wireless Messaging

June 2008

Wireless email has become accepted in most white collar positions. Frost & Sullivan estimates that the wireless email market now exceeds 25 million users, and will likely grow rapidly to exceed 70 million users by 2010. And, when you include SMS text messaging, the number of wireless messaging users in the US is approaching 200 million. What I find interesting is the new ‘social psychology’ that wireless messaging has generated in our culture.

Just look at people who are ‘praying’ during meetings. They hold their heads down, looking at their wireless handset displays under the table and then jot off a quick response. This has become just one example of how wireless messaging has changed our behaviors, many of which are accepted, and some which have created a number of unacceptable behaviors. Because of the success of BlackBerry wireless email, many have referred to the social psychological behaviors of wireless messaging as the ‘BlackBerry Effect.’

The whole idea behind wireless messaging was to allow people to respond to or create important messages while they were away from the office or their notebook PC. It has certainly been positive to enable people to make an important business decision or, perhaps, communicate passionately to a loved one throughout the day. The reason wireless messaging (email and SMS) has become so successful and changed our behaviors is that everyone has small segments of idle time during the day when it’s easy to pull out your BlackBerry (or iPhone or other popular wireless handset) when you’re in an elevator or waiting on a train or walking or (unfortunately) driving, or any one of a number of times in a day when you have anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes that are not being used. You simply whip out your BlackBerry and check your messages and fire off a quick reply.

There’s a feeling of empowerment in the entire process, and it’s easy to see why this has become addictive. You get an immediate rush of positive feeling about being able to do something productive in a very short period of time. The popular phrase ‘CrackBerry’ has been used to describe the addictive process that wireless email and messaging has become in our society. And, it’s not just happening with senior executives. It’s now just as prevalent with teenagers with the difference that their wireless messaging is predominantly SMS rather than email.

Most text messaging today is between two people, but that may soon change. My son, Jason, works for 3jam, a company that enables SMS to expand from one-to-one so that you can send messages to many and reply to all – more like what you can already do with email.

As with all new technologies, our behaviors have to be adjusted to properly integrate them into our culture in a positive way while reducing or eliminating the negative. Quickly checking for messages while you’re on a first date may result in your having a series of first dates that never go further.

Another concern is that when someone has a wireless messaging device, there’s a perception by others that the person is ‘always available.’ When you send an email or text message to someone else, you somehow feel that the other person will reply quickly because you know that they are always checking their messages and will likely issue a quick reply. We have to realize and be comfortable with knowing that while it’s great that you were able to send a quick message when you had some time, the other person may not be available for a while (horror the thought!).

We’ve also developed an acceptance of misspelled words and abbreviations when someone replies using a wireless handset. Text messaging causes more of this than email but both result in the wireless handset user to use acronyms such as LOL (‘laughing out loud’) or even ‘K’ (for ‘OK’).

We have to realize that just because we can use wireless handsets throughout the day and evening, we need to learn to use them in a sensible manner. I have stopped checking wireless messages (as well as trying to reply) while driving, and wait until I stop at a red light or park the car. And I take my BlackBerry off my belt at dinnertime and attach it to my notebook PC to sync up and recharge.

Certainly wireless messaging will forever change the nature of work. It will make our lives more productive and allow companies to operate more efficiently in near real-time. And it will allow loved ones to communicate with each other during the day. But, there’s an entirely new world of behaviors that have to be considered as a result of this – both positive and negative.

I recommend everyone should ask themselves a simple question: “Is this an appropriate time to be checking my wireless messages?” You’ll find that there’s plenty of sensible times to answer ‘Yes’ and a number of times where you’ll decide are really inappropriate. You’ll make some behavior adjustments that will make your life – and the life with your family and friends – more balanced and enjoyable.

P.S. Here’s a link to a humorous video that shows BlackBerry addiction.

In My Humble Opinion (IMHO): Non-Mobile Editorial Vignettes

How come airlines use the PA system to ask for a passenger to notify whether they are on the plane by hitting the flight attendant ‘call button’? Or, how come they count the passengers who are on the flight? Shouldn’t the airline passenger check-in system know how many boarded and where they are sitting?

And, why do flight attendants ask you to turn off your portable electronic products when they have no way of knowing whether you’ve done it or not? These things are so wrong and worthless. I certainly believe in airline security – so much so that I believe the airlines and the FAA should first determine if there’s a real threat to airline safety if portable electronic products are on. And, if there’s a real threat, they should implement systems to ensure that they are all off. Otherwise, it’s a joke and a waste of time.

Written by:

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D.
VP & Chief Analyst
Mobile & Wireless
Frost & Sullivan

Keywords: Gerry Purdy, Inside Mobile and Wireless, Mobile & Wireless, Wireless Messaging, mobile 2.0, Frost & Sullivan

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June 21, 2008


Girl Geek Dinner Milano 20 giugno (GGD #4)- my badge and photos ;)


and here is my favorite picture- myself, Domitilla & Mariela

the other pictures from the Girl Geek Dinner Italy #4 see here on flickr:

Keywords: Domitilla Ferrari, Mariela De Marchi, Networking Event, geek girl, girlgeekdinnersitalia4, Girl Geek Dinners

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June 22, 2008


24hrsCamp, Intervista con i fondatori Omar Cafini e Gabriele Lelli

pubblicata oggi nel mio Blog IDEE-IN su

24hrsCamp - 24 ore per realizzare un progetto! Intervista con i fondatori.


Keywords: BarCamp, Event 2.0, Gabriele Lelli, Omar Cafini, Social Networking, Software Development, Web 2.0,, wiki, 24hrsCamp

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June 23, 2008


Special Party per i 10 anni del Club del Marketing e della Comunicazione

Special Party per i 10 anni del Club del marketing e della Comunicazione

via Viadeo


che si terrà martedì 24 Giugno dalle ore 20,00 presso Cafè Atlantique in Viale Umbria 42 a Milano.
Per conferme :
Cesare Bonelli
Segretario generale Club
tel uff. 02 2610052

Keywords: Cesare Bonelli, Viadeo, Club del marketing e della Comunicazione

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CAGLIARI IN: il nuovo appuntamento del nostro business network

Care Amiche, Cari Amici...

Eccoci al nuovo appuntamento del nostro business network CagliariIN.

Questa volta gusteremo l'aperitivo e fare networking nella splendida cornice della spiaggia del Poetto di Cagliari, alla V Fermata, presso il locale "Emerson", location decisamente cool dell'estate cagliaritana.

L'appuntamento è per giovedì 26 alle 20.00 e la quota di partecipazione è di 8 € (una consumazione).

E' gradita conferma: così potremo inviare a tutti i partecipanti una breve scheda di ognuno con nome, cognome, attività e azienda, per un più efficace networking.

Puoi portare chi vuoi: i Tuoi amici, sono anche nostri amici...
Nel corso della serata verrà presentato il nuovo logo.

Buon networking a tutti...
CAGLIARI IN - social business network

Keywords: , Francesco Morittu, business club 2.0, CagliariIN

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June 24, 2008


CagliariIN: "IV APERITIVO EVENTO - E 100!!!" on Thursday, June 26 at 8:00pm

       "CagliariIN - Business Network - Social Network - aperitivi - Cagliari - Poetto"
What: Cocktail Party
When: Thursday, June 26 at 8:00pm
Where: Spiaggia del Poetto - IV Fermata - Emerson Cafè

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

Keywords: , Business Network, CAGLIARI-IN, Social Network

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The Future of Mobile is... Free! with NOKIA and Symbian Foundation!

Mobile Leaders to Unify the Symbian Software Platform and set the Future of Mobile Free


Nokia to acquire Symbian and open software platform!

It's the best news about the future of Mobile I am reading since the recent iPhone 2.0 presentation, and previous Gogle's Android (still) rumors! ;)

Nokia announced it will acquire the remaining shares of mobile software licensing company Symbian Limited--moreover, the handset giant will team with Sony Ericsson, Motorola and NTT DoCoMo to unite the Symbian OS, S60, UIQ and MOAP technologies and forge a single open mobile software platform. The firms will also collaborate with AT&T, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and Vodafone to establish the Symbian Foundation, a non-profit initiative dedicated to accelerating the availability of new services and mobile experiences.
read details here


Keywords: Android, MOAP, NOKIA, S60, Sony Ericsson, Symbian, Symbian Foundation, Symbian OS, Symbian Software Platform, The Future of Mobile, UIQ, Vodafone, iPhone, iPhone 2.0, Apple

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UrTurn pays for YOUR social networking activity- it's finally Web Ads 2.0? or already Web LOGS 2.0?

urTurn is a Points MarketPlace!

  • You earn Points on Facebook or MySpace (coming soon) and then you can buy, sell, donate or redeem Points for cash and prizes (from features page)

Earn points on the two most popular social networks (with more to come), Facebook and Myspace (coming soon), by adding the urTurn widget to your account. After you have successfully added the widget/application to your profiles, you can begin earning points immediately! (from how it works page)

  • urTurn is a free, unique  rewards application that offers Points for just about every click you make on Facebook or MySpace (coming soon).
  • You earn points for your activity on Facebook. No gimmicks, no surveys, just your normal every day activity. (from
    Frequently Asked Questions)

OK, I am convinced: now playing with it

It should be already Web Ads 2.0? or I'd better call this idea Web Logs 2.0, since there is no banner/ ads at all, plus it's not like ANOTHER users shall click/ interact with in my stuff- it's ME who's doing all the job :)

But the biggest question (for myself) is:

    • Business Intelligence on Social Networks? Maybe they want to become another (after Google with its OpenSocial) BigBrother 2.0? Want to know everything that let's say Andrey Golub is doing on Facebook, Spock, LinkedIn etc :) But honestly (and for their info)- this info is all presented in my several public RSS feeds from these Social Networks, or even easy- it's all together here and here!
    • or my first idea was about that it could be the same Facebook, promoting/studying in this way its users' activity :) but it can't work of course...
  • Another comment will be about every click you make on Facebook. Of course it's not about EVERY Click :) Facebook is much more than just-
    • 5 points - post a photo or a note
    • 5 points - update your status
    • 10 points - add new friends
    • 10 points - invite a friend to urTurn
    • 40 points - invited friend joins urTurn

P.S. I found this service via this article in Italian on Blog. thank you guys!

Keywords: BigBrother 2.0, Business Intelligence, Google, OpenSocial, UrTurn, Web Logs 2.0, facebook, myspace, social networking, social networks, web 2.0, web ads, web ads 2.0, Andrey Golub

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June 25, 2008


Social Networking in Russia part II, Business Networking: will Russians need a LINKEDIN localized?

Maybe someone will remember my recent story about the RUSSIAN FACEBOOK "CLONE" called Here is how the story about "Social Networking: the Russian Way" begins-

Social Networking in Russia part I: will Russians need a Facebook localized?

And today the Mother Russia is presenting to us its another creature- RUSSIAN "CLONE" OF LINKEDIN Business Social Network, called! So, the next chapter of this story should be probably called-


Will Russians need a LINKEDIN localized? logo

Maybe it's all official and is now opening its branch in Russia? But I have a doubt, I would have known about it I am sure ;)  Well, let's take a closer look at the system internal/ external User Interface and its Logic ,and Ihen I'll leave to you the rest (emotions).

But even before, please let me show you where is DIFFERENT from They declare (and I believe it's true)  to have lots of different/ (new/ additional, in respect to functionality, such as:

  • Tenders (still not sure what's this about- a Job Marketplace?);
  • on-line sales/ e-commerce;
  • Info-services;
  • the fully functioning groups (as on Xing/ Viadeo) ;
  • ...

Not too bad? Yep! But it's OK, let's now see the UI and Logic part-
picture 1- The Off-Line view of home page Russian LinkedIn Clone

Picture 2- About/ How it works


picture 3- Registering myself on


picture 4- I am in, User Home Page (inside view)


picture 5- how the LinkBook CEO page looks like on


picture 6- the same page of Linkbook CEO, now on


picture 7- LinkBook BLOG. It's all good but why do we see there Mr. Mario Sundar, the official Linkedin Blogger/ Evangelist?

Mario Sundar on 

picture 8- An article of Blog, seems to be a 100% corresponding page from LinkedIn Blog?


Keywords: Business Networking, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Clone, Mario Sundar, Social Networking, facebook,,,,, vkontakte,,, Linkbook

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June 26, 2008


Business Networking Fiorentino- Vieni anche tu lunedì al primo incontro FlorenceIN?

via Laura De Benedetto

Finalmente ci conosceremo di persona!


Ricordiamo (a chi aveva ricevuto il Save-The-Date) e comunichiamo (ai nuovi 'adepti' - siamo ormai oltre 315!) che il primo incontro dell'associazione culturale senza fini di lucro FlorenceIN si terrà a Firenze lunedì 30 giugno dalle 19.00 alle 20.30 presso l'enoteca Per Bacco (in Borgo Santi Apostoli 21/23r).

Confermate la vostra presenza rispondendo a questa mail: "Ci sono anch'io!" con nome, cognome, ruolo e azienda. Per partecipare alla serata sono richiesti 15€: la quota di 10€ darà diritto alla tessera FlorenceIN valida sino al 31 dicembre 2008 (stiamo preparando interessanti convenzioni per gli associati e altre... potrete proporle voi stessi!) mentre 5€ ci permetteranno una sana degustazione del vino che Filippo di Per Bacco ha scelto per noi.

Per esempio lunedì 30 ci propone il 'Barco Reale di Carmignano D.O.C.' della Tenuta di Capezzana, una denominazione molto antica, decretata dal granduca di toscana. Il 'barco' era il muro di cinta che delimitava la proprietà granducale, all'interno del quale si trovavano le vigne, adesso piantate a sangiovese (75%), cabernet sauvignon (15%), colorino / canaiolo (10%) usate nell'uvaggio in produzione.
Cos'altro faremo lunedì 30 giugno? Dopo la registrazione dei nuovi associati, noi soci fondatori ci presenteremo per dirvi come ci è venuta l'idea di creare FlorenceIN, cosa stiamo facendo e come vediamo il futuro dell'associazione. Non vediamo l'ora di conoscere anche voi, capire cosa fate nella vita e perchè vi interessa FlorenceIN. Già iniziare a conoscerci di persona è importante perchè dal contatto con nuove persone nascono sempre nuove idee, utili sia a livello professionale che personale.
Vi attendiamo numerosi e... puntuali alle 19.00!
I soci fondatori di FlorenceIN

PS Come estendere l'invito a colleghi, clienti, amici, parenti? Semplice: dovranno cliccare sul link: per mandare la richiesta ad entrare nel gruppo FlorenceIN (previa creazione di un profilo gratuito sul social network professionale LinkedIn). Dovranno poi confermare la propria presenza alla serata di lunedì 30 giugno scrivendomi una mail con:"Ci sono anch'io!"
PPS Non puoi venire ma vuoi sapere tutto sulle nostre iniziative? Leggi (e commenta ;-) il blog FlorenceIN:

Keywords: Florence, Laura De Benedetto, club-in, florence-in, social networking, Business Networking

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June 27, 2008


The Plaxo Pulse limit of 1000 connections- where's the logic?

Plaxo Pulse is the very FIRST Social Network suggesting to REMOVE my CONNECTIONS!

My problem with Plaxo Pulse is: You're too close to the maximum number of allowed connections (1000)!

  • Plaxo Pulse advise: If you want to send them you'll need to remove some of your existing connections or wait until we increase this limit. Sorry!

SORRY? No, "I am sorry" is what do I say to! But what's their "advise"?

  • REMOVE your EXISTING connections, or WAIT.

  • It's amazing but it's such an absurd!?

And there is another reason for why I can't stand such ad "advise": two or tree years ago, when Plaxo was still an Address-Book on-line and my contact base was approaching to 2.000 people, Plaxo advised me to become PREMIUM user to not have problems anymore with my big database. I like the idea of PREMIUM option for Web 2.0 services (instead of Google-Ads based business models!), so I accepted the invitation and became paying user for

Since then I pay to Plaxo... to have now such a great "suggestion" from their part- to REMOVE my EXISTING CONTACTS?

  • it's even worst the situation since I am mostly RECEIVING invitations from my Address Book contacts, which pass to Pulse (compliments to Plaxo Pulse for that!) and then want to connect with me.
  • But I can't accept these invites until I REMOVE some of my existing connections?

A conclusion: this "strange" limitation of Plaxo Pulse, Social Network grown from Address-Book on-line (for On-Line and BIG databases), now makes me loosing some important opportunities since I can't accept the invitation addressed to me and people think I am IGNORING them!

look at the recent example-


Keywords: Plaxo, Social Network, Social Networking, Web 2.0, on-line Address Book, Plaxo Pulse

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Why is Cell-ID such a very sexy topic these days? FREE Location Based Services for everyone!

Thomas Landspurg is the founder of 8Motions and creator of the OpenCellId project.

OpenCell-ID provides:

  • A way to collect samples that will feed the Cell-ID database
  • A way to lookup the ID of an already known cell with its position
  • All data is downloadable and free, and even the source code of the application is open source

Read the interview with Thomas about the importance and use of Cell-IDs for location-based mobile applications-

Towards free location on all devices

Keywords: CellID, geo-localization, location based services, location technologies, cell-id

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June 29, 2008


Inside Mobile and Wireless: Platform Wars Continue- Nokia Buys Symbian

Received via e-mail from J. Gerry Purdy, VP & Chief Analyst of Frost & Sullivan.

The Platform Wars Continue: Nokia Buys Symbian

June 2008


Throughout the development of the personal computer era, Microsoft became one of the most valuable companies in the world by licensing the Windows operating system to system manufacturers, who then pre-installed it on PCs. Applications were sold on top of the OS, which eventually generated more revenue than the underlying OS, but that took many years. The Web became an additional digital ecosystem in which the PC evolved into a portal to access the online services. The Windows ecosystem has been operating – and still operates – the same way for over 20 years.

The wireless ecosystem, however, has evolved quite differently and in just the past year, the entire ecosystem has gone through a major restructuring due to: 1) the announcement of the iPhone 3G and the App Store, and 2) the announcement of Android and the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) by Google. Here’s what’s happening.

For the past 10+ years, there have been two classes of phones: basic feature phones with the OS embedded in the total cost of the device. Feature phone OS companies like ENEA were paid a license fee. SmartPhones – like the Palm Treo (Windows Mobile & Palm OS), Symbian Series 60, and RIM BlackBerry all had complex operating systems that cost a lot more per unit and, hence, resulted in a much higher end-user price (even when considering capital purchase discounts provided by the wireless operator).

When Android was announced last fall, the big news was an entirely new business model for wireless handset manufacturers: they would not have to pay Google any license fee for the Android mobile OS. Instead, Google would make money from advertising resulting from searches made on the wireless devices. Thus, Android/Google made a fundamental change from the way operating systems were monetized: handset manufacturers no longer had to pay fees to the OS provider. Instead, fees would be paid by advertisers. Google believes that lower cost wireless handsets will result in more unit sales which will, in turn, generate more Google searches and that will generate more advertising revenue that will more than make up for the loss in mobile OS licensing revenue.

The iPhone is presents a similar change to the industry although they clearly are not licensing the OS to other companies. But I suspect that Apple doesn’t include any (or very little) charge for the iPhone OS in the iPhone but, rather, is generating money from wireless services.

Now, with the announcement this week, Nokia is buying Symbian and then putting the Symbian OS into the new Symbian Foundation. Sony Ericsson and Motorola are contributing the UIQ platform, and NTT DoCoMo is contributing its MOAP platform. The Symbian Foundation will then offer open source and royalty fee licensing to handset manufacturers.

And handset manufactures are being told they will also no longer have to pay any license fees for the Symbian OS. Instead, users will pay fees for wireless services and members of the Symbian Foundation will pay membership fees. Eventually, Nokia’s new services environment called Ovi could also generate advertising fees much like Android/Google.

I feel this puts tremendous pressure on Microsoft to revise their business model for Windows Mobile and, like most of the other major mobile OS providers, offer the Windows Mobile OS to handset manufacturers at no charge. But they would also have to develop a method to generate revenue either from services or advertising. Interesting, but the acquisition of Yahoo! would have provided a clear path to that kind of business model.

And the Linux camp (made up of ACCESS Systems ALP and the Linux Mobile LiMo Foundation) seems headed toward the same kind of business model: give the core OS away free and make it up with value added services.

Overall, what seems to be happening is that the mobile OS, traditionally sold for a fee, is becoming an embedded component in the overall ecosystem – and it’s the services (apps, wireless services and ads) are where the value and, hence, revenue will be created.

The final result of this change in business models will be a significant decrease in the average selling price and a similar significant increase in the percentage of phones sold that incorporate a robust mobile OS.

Robust mobile OS features such as rich media (music, multi-megapixel photos and video), multi-tasking (so you can download a song while talking at the same time), background services (such as push email, monitoring applications that would, for example, watch for a particular price threshold on a stock), and a myriad set of concurrent services (such as news, weather, sports and financial information) will become a standard part of most cell phones in the years to come.

In My Humble Opinion (IMHO): Non-Mobile Editorial Vignettes

Movie theaters are ‘dead’ – they will be viewed in the 22nd century and ‘odd’ that you’d get a babysitter and go out to a large, dark room to watch a movie rather than watch it on your 60” home theater system, where you can simply hit ‘pause’ when you need to take a break or rewind it to see a great scene again. Only special purpose theaters like IMAX may survive. We haven’t been to a movie theater in two years. Every time there’s a hit movie, I just add it to our Netflix Queue and it shows up eventually.

Written by:

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D.
VP & Chief Analyst
Mobile & Wireless
Frost & Sullivan

Keywords: , Android, Frost & Sullivan, Google, Inside Mobile and Wireless, Microsoft, Mobile & Wireless, NOKIA, Open Handset Alliance, Palm OS, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone, mobile 2.0, mobile Platform, Gerry Purdy

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Why should your organization monitor the blogosphere?

disclaimer: This post is NOT suggested/sponsored by , but it's taken from their FAQ page. and since I highly agree with their argumentation. so maybe their tool is also good? :)

Why do I need to track the blogosphere?

If an organization is to successfully embrace their customers, there is a critical need to have visibility into what is being said about the organization on the blogosphere. Business critical communications are becoming part of the blogosphere and without visibility into this media, organizations will fail to react and participate in this new environment.

There are a number of ways organizations can monitor sentiment, attitudes, authority, and the magnitude of discussions on the blogosphere. First an organization needs to track the level or volume of conversations occurring. This can be a powerful metric for organizations to measure brand awareness, the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, and the reaction of consumers to events.

Organizations should also acquire capabilities to measure the sentiment of bloggers. Bloggers are so critical to the decision making of consumers that having positive sentiment on the blogosphere can make or break the success of a product. As such, early measurement of the success of a product or brand can help detect what consumers like or don’t like about a brand allowing adjustments to be made as soon as possible. This type of understanding gained through the blogosphere can be much more effective than surveys and field research which can be expensive and inaccurate. The sentiment of a blogger on the other hand is as raw and honest as you can expect.

What does SM2 do?

SM2 allows you to search for specific keywords and phrases about your company's public profile, product feedback, competitors, and much more.

Expansive and Real-Time Monitoring
SM2 searches an expansive collection of social media. Over 100 million blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia are all monitored. These media are indexed in real-time, and SM2 provides instant alerts if certain discussions are found.

Sentiment Analysis
Social media discussions are analyzed at 360 degrees with SM2’s sentiment analysis. Using natural-language processing and Bayesian analysis, SM2 discovers exactly the sentiments around each discussion and aggregates these to provide a top-level view of social media.

Discussion Clustering
Gain a 360 degree view of all discussions centering around your organization or brand. SM2’s Discussion Clustering provides a graphical analysis and classification of all discussions occurring around your products. SM2 clusters similar conversations to allow you to easily target each discussion thread.

Customized Reporting
SM2 can create custom analysis reports on the fly. These reports display recent discussions, as well as analysis and discussion trends that enable evaluation of marketing or public relations effectiveness. These reports can be automatically scheduled and delivered to anyone.

watch SM2 demo:

Keywords: , Flickr, SM2, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, bloggers, blogosphere, brand 2.0, sentiment analysis, social media, web 2.0

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IEEE is launching a new Online Directory/ professional Social Network for its Members!

IEEE, the institute. June 2008

the printed issue I've received home few days ago-


is presenting:

IEEE MemberNet- Connecting Members and Technical Interests Worldwide


IEEE memberNet - The IEEE Member Directory Online.

read the full article (scanned)


will be looking at it tomorrow or the next week anyway. Happy me, thank you IEEE!

Keywords: IEEE, Social Network, Social Networking, memberNet, the institute,

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June 30, 2008


Come and fill your Milan-IN profile- become visible to your Club on the Web!

Come and fill your Milan-IN profile!

Milan-IN logo 

The IT Team of Milan-IN has released today these two important features for the Club's web platform:

* here 2.0 stands for "next version", it's not related to Web 2.0.
** the URL is available to registered users only

It's a very important improvement and we hope this will help us making Milan-IN, your Business Club 2.0, even better, since the members will know each other better, will be able to present on the Web their info (if decided to publish it), their interests etc.

The next step ASAP is to replace the current Members List application with its "2.0" version, to allow members search for another members inside the platform with help of the new attributes brought by the Member Profile 2.0 feature. Then the other important improvements and cool features come, even before we see the next Networking Season!

Here is on my example how the updated profile of a Milan-IN Member will look like, so...

COME and FILL your profile on Milan-IN!

here is how to do it: (you must be logged in). Or just login and click on the My Profile icon:

  • All "new fields" are also available to old users (of course)

Andrey Golub's web profile on Milan-IN

As usually, we thank our Milan-IN soldiers:

Here is how the new JoinUs Form2.0 looks like (its second part)-

Keywords: JoinUs 2.0, Members List 2.0, Michael Tabolsky, Milan-IN, Profile 2.0, Victor Borisevich, andrey golub, Business Club 2.0

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