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Sex Male
Main language English
Year of birth (YYYY) 1978
Country of residence Italy
City of residence Milano area
Your academic degree BSC
Industry Informatics e Telecommunications
Occupation area IT/ Internet
Base interests Photography, Internet, Music, Social Networking, Literature, Cinema
Who am I?

I was born in 1978 in  Moldova which was a part of the Soviet Union then. Have finished the high school and started the University studies towards a degree in Computers Science and Marketing. In 1998 repatriated to Israel where studied Physics for two years and started the professional career.

The interest in computers and all the surrounding technologies started to develop when I was eleven. Since then I've been working in various big and small companies achieving wide expertise in TLC an IT areas growing up from first level technical support to system and network architect. Since 2004 I am was working in Italy as an independent ICT consulter on projects for companies ranging from small startups to big enterprises.

In 2007, after numerous interviews and discussions I've stopped looking for freelancer work in Italy and co-founded Vivoneco srl company.

I was with Milan IN from the first days of its creation following my friend Andrey Golub and Pier Carlo Pozzati who have inspired me with the ideas. For almost three years I was leading the development of Milan IN web platform collecting together various pieces of free software and coding our own customizations. Nowdays I am still the main contributer on the technological side of Milan IN and hold the Club CTO position.

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Likes computers, creating, dreaming, getting things done, movies, music, riding motorcycle, t?bacco, cognacs
Dislikes driving a car in city, ideologists, ignorance, non professionalism, patriots, religion, democracy myths
Occupation ITC
Industry Information Technologies
Company / Institution Self Employed
Job Title Senior System and Network Architect
Job Description Consultant
Career Goals As it is observed from my experience described below I am seasoned IT and TLC specialist with wide experience in the area. Recently my responsibilities also involved me in the project management, group work coordination and client relations. Currently I am looking to be employed as a technical group leader, a small size project manager or a solution/integration specialist.

In parallel I am open for opportunities as an independent consultant for contract based jobs.
Level of Education Academic
Main Skills ATM, BGP4, Bash, Business Intelligence, C/C++, CA, CAT5, CHAP, DSL Ethernet, Fiber, Firewalls, Frame Relay, H.323, HTML, Hubs, IGRP, ISDN, IpSec, JavaNetworking Planning, JavaScript, KSH, Kerberos, L2TP, LAN, MAN, MPPP, Network Security, Network design, OSPF, OSS/BSS, PAP, PGP, PHP, PKI, PPP, PPTP, PPoE, Perl, Project management, Python, RIP, RSA, SIP, SQL, SSL, Security/AAA, TLSRadius, WAN, Wi-Fi, XML, XSL, bridges, repeaters, switches, Auditing

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